Finissage Regarding Structure

Opening 16th of November 2012 from 20:00 till 01:00
Exhibition runs from 18th of November till the finissage on December 16th.

An exhibition composed by Sarie Nijboer with works by Gemis Luciani (IT) / Csilla Klenyánszki (HU) / Thomas de Rijk (NL) / Edwin Stolk (NL) and Virginie Mossé (FR).

In search of finding hidden patterns in existing ones this exhibition will take you on a road-trip through an abstract land of geometric signs, constructed dialogues and graphic rhythms.

Using existing information to strip, connect and abstract these artists show each a different approach of interpretation. It will be important that we look for patterns that are already in our system to create new possibilities out of it. We have to go back to the basic and look at what we already have. We just need to deal with it differently.

Gemis Luciani (IT)
Marginal Compositions is a project in development centered on the investigation of a marginal spaces aesthetic qualities. The works are realized with various magazines. Every magazines page is folded in a way to erase the textual element of the previous page and to leave only the margin visible. The compositions are produced by repeating this action until the magazines surface is completely covered. Every work is a representative but not definitive image documenting this kind of spaces expressive potential.

Csilla Klenyánszki (HU)
In ‘my logic is gone or did I just find it’ the Hungarian photographer Csilla Klenyánszki is looking for the the hidden possibilities related to form and function and her own fantasy. The inspiration is her house and environment, which becomes a playground. While working with common objects, Klenyánszki tries to discover their possibilities and give a new function for them. Eventually it is just a game, which is about the fact that you can enter another world.

Thomas de Rijk (NL)
In the video ‘Superduper’ geometric forms creating an abstract landscape which brings the audience to an dynamic journey of graphic rhythms. The speed in the appearence of the elements makes it hard to step out of this fictive threedimensional world.

Virginie Mossé (FR)
Inspired by the famous Aporismus of Albert Einstein about the paradox of the human perception and interpretation the French artist Virginie Mossé created the work ‘Das ewig Unbegreifliche an der Welt ist Ihre Begreiflichkeit’. Superimposed on a closely grid of holes we are only able to read the word Bereiflichtkeit from a distance.

Edwin Stolk (NL)
Spoken stories consist of so many emotional data like voicesounds, intonations, volumes who usually get lost in a written story. In ‘Seeing sounds and hearing colors’ the Dutch graphic designer Edwin Stolk investigated how to visualize these emotions in a typographed story. As a viewer we experience while watching ‘Seeing sounds and Hearing colors’ what Stolk have experienced listening to the spoken stories. Layered textclouds of colorfull words represent fragments of these emotional data.

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