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Fête Noir

February 9th 2013, 22:00 and on!

Wavewavewave and De Zwarte Ruyter just landed on cloud nine while announcing Fête Noir!

Shady urges and moonless longing will once again form the damp physique for a noctural feast modeled after the frantic notions of Domenic Paradisi.

Agree to receive and join us on saturday February 9th, 22:00 at the van der Takstraat 107.





☁ BO & DO




Finissage Regarding Structure

Opening 16th of November 2012 from 20:00 till 01:00
Exhibition runs from 18th of November till the finissage on December 16th.

An exhibition composed by Sarie Nijboer with works by Gemis Luciani (IT) / Csilla Klenyánszki (HU) / Thomas de Rijk (NL) / Edwin Stolk (NL) and Virginie Mossé (FR).

In search of finding hidden patterns in existing ones this exhibition will take you on a road-trip through an abstract land of geometric signs, constructed dialogues and graphic rhythms.

Using existing information to strip, connect and abstract these artists show each a different approach of interpretation. It will be important that we look for patterns that are already in our system to create new possibilities out of it. We have to go back to the basic and look at what we already have. We just need to deal with it differently.

Gemis Luciani (IT)
Marginal Compositions is a project in development centered on the investigation of a marginal spaces aesthetic qualities. The works are realized with various magazines. Every magazines page is folded in a way to erase the textual element of the previous page and to leave only the margin visible. The compositions are produced by repeating this action until the magazines surface is completely covered. Every work is a representative but not definitive image documenting this kind of spaces expressive potential.

Csilla Klenyánszki (HU)
In ‘my logic is gone or did I just find it’ the Hungarian photographer Csilla Klenyánszki is looking for the the hidden possibilities related to form and function and her own fantasy. The inspiration is her house and environment, which becomes a playground. While working with common objects, Klenyánszki tries to discover their possibilities and give a new function for them. Eventually it is just a game, which is about the fact that you can enter another world.

Thomas de Rijk (NL)
In the video ‘Superduper’ geometric forms creating an abstract landscape which brings the audience to an dynamic journey of graphic rhythms. The speed in the appearence of the elements makes it hard to step out of this fictive threedimensional world.

Virginie Mossé (FR)
Inspired by the famous Aporismus of Albert Einstein about the paradox of the human perception and interpretation the French artist Virginie Mossé created the work ‘Das ewig Unbegreifliche an der Welt ist Ihre Begreiflichkeit’. Superimposed on a closely grid of holes we are only able to read the word Bereiflichtkeit from a distance.

Edwin Stolk (NL)
Spoken stories consist of so many emotional data like voicesounds, intonations, volumes who usually get lost in a written story. In ‘Seeing sounds and hearing colors’ the Dutch graphic designer Edwin Stolk investigated how to visualize these emotions in a typographed story. As a viewer we experience while watching ‘Seeing sounds and Hearing colors’ what Stolk have experienced listening to the spoken stories. Layered textclouds of colorfull words represent fragments of these emotional data.

I have lost my rhythm at an angle…

De Zwarte Ruyter is enraptured to present the work of Fraser Stewart at RAW Rotterdam. Starting the 8th of February 2012, Stewart presents a filmic trip-tic of contemplate films shown within a small and intimate setting, called I have Lost my rhythm at an angle. The installation is accompanied by a handmade artist publication containing the root material for the works.

Fraser Stewart at RAW Rotterdam (3rd floor stairwell)

Opening february 8, 13.00
Open february 8 till march 4

Fenixloodsen (Google Maps)
Veerlaan 9-13

Project website:

Visitors information:

Artist website:

The Dilly-Dally Foundry

From December 2011 up till the 14th of February 2012, De Zwarte Ruyter is ringmaster to the willy-nilly realm of Dennis de Bel, accompanied by his stupendous Dilly-Dally Foundry.

The Foundry is made up out of four indispensable workshops that all together typify our local la-di-da-lion-heart to his bitter essence. No obscurities, no pretend, no mumbo-jumbo. Simply hard work, sweat and long forgotten in-between leisure will do the trick.

During his period, de Bel will produce around twenty works/ items of utmost matter that can be bought on the spot or in our unique internet store: The booklet, containing the cluster of effort, will be presented at the finnisage on the 14th of february 2012 which will be accompanied by a tailor-made performance by Gijs Gieskes.

Exhibition runs from december 5 until the finnisage on February 14 2012.

The Dilly-Dally Foundry is open wednesday till saturday from 12 – 5 pm and by appointment.

Van december 2011 tot en met 14 februari 2012 is De Zwarte Ruyter spreekstalmeester tijdens het tegen-wil-en-dank rijk van Dennis de Bel, vergezeld door zijn kolossale Dilly-Dally Foundry.

The Foundry is opgebouwd uit vier onmisbare workshops die tezamen onze lokale la-di-da-leeuwenhart typeren tot aan zijn bittere essentie. Geen onduidelijkheden, geen doen alsof, geen onzin. Simpelweg hard werk, zweet en alom vergeten tussentijdse pauzes zullen zijn truc tot een succes maken.

Tijdens zijn periode zal de Bel ongeveer twintig werken produceren welke van de grootst mogelijke materiële importantie zijn. De werken kunnen ter plaatse worden aangekocht of in onze unieke internet winkel: Het boek, met daarin het samengeraapt cluster van inspanningen, wordt gepresenteerd tijdens de finnisage op 14 februari 2012 en gaat gepaard met een maatvaste performance door Gijs Gieskes.

De tentoonstelling loopt van 5 december tot en met de finnisage op 14 februari 2012.

De Dilly Dally-Foundry is open van woensdag t/m zaterdag van 12 tot 5 uur en op afspraak.

ALPINE GOTHIC 10.000 Edelweiss

Alpine Gothic

10.000 Edelweiss met spek knoedel

Friday, 13th of May, 16:00-20:00 hrs
Sat. 14th + Sun. 15th of May, 14:00-18:00 hrs

10.000 Edelweiss investigates into the anachronistic myth around this rare Alpine flower. Aesthetic analogies, cultural contextualisation, as well as participation and multiple authorship are in the focus of this project.

The Austrian artists collective Alpine Gothic presents an installation connecting documentation material on their Edelweiss-workshops (public space, Rotterdam, April 16 to 21) with the intermediate results of their subsequent work in a guest-studio at Kunst & Complex.

ALPINE GOTHIC (Christina Breitfuß, Erik Hable, Wolfgang Wirth, in cooperation with DE ZWARTE RUYTER and BILDETAGE

Thinking Distance 1.4.-10.4.11

Thinking Distance (in cooperation with the Bildetage)

is an artist’s project on the railroad. The participants travel together to discuss their artwork and subsequently realize ad hoc-exhibitions in different cities. Framing constant conditions are the given distance,
the period of stay and the showroom. It’s up
to the artists to take their individual reaction time and expose themselves to the influence
of a new spatial and aesthetic pattern.

Bildetage invited thinking distance to work and exhibit in Rotterdam in cooperation with
De Zwarte Ruyter, ‘Cucosa‘ and ‘Kunst & Complex‘.

Marta Caradec (Strasbourg), Edith Payer, Fabian Seiz, Ulrike Sladek, Andrea Witzmann (all Vienna) join in the trip to Rotterdam to share their varying concepts on art.

Opening 7th of april 2011, 19:00
Cucosa (
Raampoortstraat 16
3032 AH Rotterdam

Opening 8th of april 2011, 19:00
De Zarte Ruyter (
Van der Takstraat 107
3071LK Rotterdam NL


Open Silkscreen Workshop

December 13 to december 23 2010, daily from 10am-6pm
// a collaboration of DZR & Mesh Print Club Rotterdam

For a period of ten days Mesh Print Club and De Zwarte Ruyter will fix up an pop-up silkscreen workshop at the Van der Takstraat in Rotterdam. Individuals as well as initiatives are invited to multiply their designs, work on some posters or print a stack of t-shirts while having a tête-à-tête throughout the process.

The workshop is open (and for free!) to anybody who is in the need of doing instead of complaining, anybody who wants to get loose on the smell of ink and anybody that wants to burn some wood during the dark days.

We have 400 kg of 400g thick ivory white paper/cardboard to print on. Ink is available for the material costs.

You never silkscreened before?

What the Fuck … How the silkscreen
tutorials on textile, paper and wood printing.

Monday 13 December (not set yet)
Wednesday 15 December, 11am -1pm
Sunday 19 December, 11am-1pm
Monday 20 December, 1pm-3pm

DZR & MPC will give some tutorials during SCREEN LOVER, which will consist of 2 hrs hardcore theory on silkscreening, afterwards you can use everything and start working. The costs for the workshop are 10€ p.p. including paper to print on.

Please make a reservation by mail to if you would like to participate.

December 23rd – A celebration of prints

Exhibition, display and wholesale from 11am-6pm

For more info please mail us or check the BLOG.


Launch of Fanzine//

December 18 at 7pm
by Yasmine Tashk

An evening about Mind Trips with a live performance by Sötbox


KSAT is originally a french fanzine created by Yasmine Tashk based on the idea of collaboration and interaction between different artists using different medium to create around a same theme.

The third issue of the zine is about letting yourself travel in artists’ mind trips and pursue your own while getting inspired by theirs. The zine is based in Paris, France but it is a reunion of artists from many various countries apart from France such as Sweden, the Netherlands, Denmark, USA, Canada and Australia.

The evening will be about entering these mind trips and interacting and sharing yours.

This is the launch party of the 3rd issue where you could get one of the limited edition of the zine. The artists will exhibit their work, the swedish band Sötbox will perform a video/music performance and you will also have the opportunity to interact and fill up « non sense » book with your own contributions, thoughts and mind trips.

You are all welcome to join the journey and let the unusual side of your personality live freely during the evening.

When it’s a battle to try to step out of the way, none wants to be normal. So let’s not be.