10.000 Edelweiss

10.000 Edelweiss – Alpine Gothic
15.4. – 15.5.11

Rotterdam Workshop – Transplantatie
(in cooperation with the Bildetage)


Be part of a collective art production organized by the Austrian artists collective alpine gothic in cooperation with Bildetage.

Take a simple birch twig and a knife and soon you will be able to cut the most beautiful flowers. The Edelweiss is the most precious and rare flower in the Alps. With your help we intend to produce 10.000 of them to result in a huge collectively produced piece of art.

We provide everything for you to participate in the workshop and entertain you with stories and music related to the Edelweiss.

Our work 10.000 Edelweiss investigates into the anachronistic myth around this Alpine flower. Questions on tourism, protection of nature and the value of art-production, as well as participation and Multiple Authorship are in the focus of our concept.

Your Edelweiss will be part of installations at ‘De Zwarte Ruyter‘ in Rotterdam in May 2011 and later in summer 2011 at the Residenzgalerie in Salzburg, Austria.

Workshops Rotterdam:
De Zwarte Ruyter (http://dezwarteruyter.net)
Van der Takstraat 107
3071LK Rotterdam NL
Invitation as PDF

10.000 Edelweiss met spek knoedel
13.5.2011, 16:00-20:00 hrs
De Zwarte Ruyter (http://dezwarteruyter.net)
Van der Takstraat 107
3071LK Rotterdam NL

Thinking Distance 1.4.-10.4.11

Thinking Distance (in cooperation with the Bildetage)

is an artist’s project on the railroad. The participants travel together to discuss their artwork and subsequently realize ad hoc-exhibitions in different cities. Framing constant conditions are the given distance,
the period of stay and the showroom. It’s up
to the artists to take their individual reaction time and expose themselves to the influence
of a new spatial and aesthetic pattern.

Bildetage invited thinking distance to work and exhibit in Rotterdam in cooperation with
De Zwarte Ruyter, ‘Cucosa‘ and ‘Kunst & Complex‘.

Marta Caradec (Strasbourg), Edith Payer, Fabian Seiz, Ulrike Sladek, Andrea Witzmann (all Vienna) join in the trip to Rotterdam to share their varying concepts on art.

Opening 7th of april 2011, 19:00
Cucosa (http://www.cucosa.nl/)
Raampoortstraat 16
3032 AH Rotterdam

Opening 8th of april 2011, 19:00
De Zarte Ruyter (www.dezwarteruyter.net)
Van der Takstraat 107
3071LK Rotterdam NL


Opening on Friday 25 March, 8pm

Exhibition runs from 26 March to 30 April 2011

EN For In Discretion, Avi Krispin will be showing new video and photography works that touch on the theme of comical fetish behavior, anonymous meetings and prearranged perverse rituals. In line with these works, De Zwarte Ruyter will function as a set, and visitors can have the opportunity to participate in a new video project that will be filmed throughout the exhibition.

NL Voor In Discretion zal Avi Krispin een nieuwe serie video’s en foto’s laten zien die ingaan op het thema van de komische fetisj, de anonieme bijeenkomst en het bedachte perverse ritueel. In lijn met dit gegeven zal De Zwarte Ruyter functioneren als set alwaar bezoekers in de gelegenheid zijn om deel te nemen aan een nieuw video project welke onderdeel uitmaakt van de tentoonstelling.

Special by Maatschappij voor volksgeluk

Order your drinks and snacks at the closed bar, the most customer unfriendly bar of the lowlands.
Bestel je drankjes en hapjes bij de gesloten bar, de meest klantonvriendelijke bar van Nederland.

The Last View

Closing first collection of BookCase | 19 March 2011 | 2 – 6 pm
Finnissage Neverland #4 Sweat of brow by Erik Alkema

BookCase was initiated in 2009 and is a changing collection and shop for artist books, publications, pamphlets, magazines and editions, involving every possible mode of production in the field of fine arts, photography and writing. Self published publications, booklets, unicates, which you can hardly find displayed. Books and Magazines which are published by self organized initiatives, visual experiments and concept based autonomy works.

After being displayed for more than a year all publication are gonna be returned to their makers.

Grab the chance to have the last look at the collection!

BookCase is part of De Zwarte Ruyter and will continue the promotion of Artist’s Books in a slightly different way.

Finnissage Neverland #4 Sweat of Brow

De Zwarte Ruyter was the stage of the fourth chapter of Erik Alkema’s project Neverland (Het Land Van Nooit). A visual and narrative investigation in which he sketches a multi-headed portrait, in different media and from various perspectives, of the Netherlands.

MuseumNight 2011

During the Museumnight we collaborate with ROT(T)TERDAM, MEENT 119-133,
Saturday 5 march 20.00-02:00h

Just back from Supermarket ArtFair 2011 De Zwarte Ruyter will present their infamous Kodak Moment and limited edition Rotterdam souvenirs at sellout prices. Get your own unique Piece of Pride, Industrial snow globe, Braincar or Euromast. Have your own private moment with Lee Towers memorialized, move within a Beirut war-scene or find yourself petting our toy-sized giraffe’s at Blijdorp zoo. Take your money, your left over swedish kroner and come to ROT(T)TERDAM.

( Participating Artists: Erik Alkema, Marijke Appelman, Bonno van Doorn, Lisa Gliederpuppe, Annika Hauke, Heleen van der Hoogt, Daan den Houter, Geirmundur Klein, Olaf Mooij, Gyz la Rivière, Eric Roelen, Sandro Setola, Melle Smets, Judith Vogt, Hans Wilschut)

At the same time Roodkapje is opening the exhibition Bredewold Kristensen and ‘Feminism only because we men allow it’ & Museum Night 10×010; artist Chaim Smallegange will show his video “Throat”, there will be wrestling, boobs and donations, whores, bears and a lot more performances and presentations!
For more info check out Roodkapje