Thinking Distance 1.4.-10.4.11

Thinking Distance (in cooperation with the Bildetage)

is an artist’s project on the railroad. The participants travel together to discuss their artwork and subsequently realize ad hoc-exhibitions in different cities. Framing constant conditions are the given distance,
the period of stay and the showroom. It’s up
to the artists to take their individual reaction time and expose themselves to the influence
of a new spatial and aesthetic pattern.

Bildetage invited thinking distance to work and exhibit in Rotterdam in cooperation with
De Zwarte Ruyter, ‘Cucosa‘ and ‘Kunst & Complex‘.

Marta Caradec (Strasbourg), Edith Payer, Fabian Seiz, Ulrike Sladek, Andrea Witzmann (all Vienna) join in the trip to Rotterdam to share their varying concepts on art.

Opening 7th of april 2011, 19:00
Cucosa (
Raampoortstraat 16
3032 AH Rotterdam

Opening 8th of april 2011, 19:00
De Zarte Ruyter (
Van der Takstraat 107
3071LK Rotterdam NL

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