MuseumNight 2011

During the Museumnight we collaborate with ROT(T)TERDAM, MEENT 119-133,
Saturday 5 march 20.00-02:00h

Just back from Supermarket ArtFair 2011 De Zwarte Ruyter will present their infamous Kodak Moment and limited edition Rotterdam souvenirs at sellout prices. Get your own unique Piece of Pride, Industrial snow globe, Braincar or Euromast. Have your own private moment with Lee Towers memorialized, move within a Beirut war-scene or find yourself petting our toy-sized giraffe’s at Blijdorp zoo. Take your money, your left over swedish kroner and come to ROT(T)TERDAM.

( Participating Artists: Erik Alkema, Marijke Appelman, Bonno van Doorn, Lisa Gliederpuppe, Annika Hauke, Heleen van der Hoogt, Daan den Houter, Geirmundur Klein, Olaf Mooij, Gyz la Rivière, Eric Roelen, Sandro Setola, Melle Smets, Judith Vogt, Hans Wilschut)

At the same time Roodkapje is opening the exhibition Bredewold Kristensen and ‘Feminism only because we men allow it’ & Museum Night 10×010; artist Chaim Smallegange will show his video “Throat”, there will be wrestling, boobs and donations, whores, bears and a lot more performances and presentations!
For more info check out Roodkapje

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