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Supermarket ArtFair2011

18 t/m 20 februari 2011 Stockholm/ SE

Annika Hauke, Bonno van Doorn, Daan den Houter, Eric Roelen, Erik Alkema, Geirmundur Klein, Gyz La Rivière, Hans Wilschut, Heleen van der Hoogt, Judith Vogt, Lisa Gliederpuppe, Marijke Appelman, Melle Smets, Olaf Mooij, Sandro Setola, Tijs Bakker


BookCase @ RAiR #3 Guest House @ ART Rotterdam

RAiR#3 Guest House
An exciting selection out of a decade of work from international guest artists.
Curator: Leo Delfgaauw

RAiR (Rotterdam Artists in Residence – Duende, foundation B.a.d., Het Wilde Weten, Kaus Australis and Kunst & Complex) will present a special show close to the main location of Art Rotterdam. Over the past years hundreds of artists stayed for a longer or shorter period in Rotterdam. They joined the local art scene and with their presence enriched cultural life in the city. RAiR#3 hosts a surprising selection of the many talented guests. Invited are;

Brandon Jan Blommaert, Roxane Borujerdi, Diego Bruno, Amy Cheung, Erin Dunn, Hadassah Emmerich, Friederike Feldmann, Olivier Gourvil, Annika Hauke Michiel Huijben, Aleksander Komarov, Susanne Kriemann, Maider Lopez, Tiina Mielonen Ekaterina Mitichkina, Noriko Mitsuhashi, Shaun O’Connor, Nathan Redwood, Christine Rusche, Marco Schuler, Marit Shalem, Iwan van ʻt Spijker, Andrew Sroka, Soizic Stokvis, Nicola Unger.

RAiR#3 looks back with a historical overview, but also anticipates on all that lies ahead. During RAiR#3 an open forum with invitees will discuss the topic of the Rotterdam international residency policy.

Be welcome to the Instructables Restaurant!
Hospitality, connection and interaction play an important role for RAiR. To make your stay in our ‘Guest House’ as pleasant as possible, Arne Hendriks and Waag Society will install an Instructables Restaurant in our exhibition space. Instructables Restaurant is the first open source restaurant in the world. Everything you see, use and eat is downloaded from instructables.com. An experiment in ‘digesting free internet culture’!
BookCase (part of De Zwarte Ruyter) will present a selection of Artists’ Books and zines and on Saturday 11th Tosti Treffer presents a special evening with food & music. A side event of Artist initiative ADA; Area for Debate and Art, will be anounced on the website of RAiR. Special thanks go to gemeente Rotterdam, dienst Kunst en Cultuur and Vestia Rotterdam Feijenoord.

Dead Darlings Rotterdam

February 4 till February 6 2010

The theme for this fifth edition is ‘Masterpiece’, with each auction we attempt to come up with a theme that explores a different aspect of why a darling may have been killed. In the case of the masterpiece the focus is on works that have a latent quality, but one that never made sense within the context they were created.

Most artists strive to make a perfect artwork, something that they think is the best artwork they have ever made or that ever has been made by any dead or living artist, an artwork they want to let the whole world know about, something that says it all, a milestone in their career, a-once-in-a-lifetime creation; ‘Masterpiece’!

These are the works that we have put out a call for… A theme that finally gives the artists a chance to exhume some of those works that lay in waiting, tucked away in the attic…

Rules & guidelines:

· Entrance is free
· Bidding is open to all
· Payments in cash only


Aldo Kroese
Annika Hauke
Anouk Griffioen
Aquil Copier
Ben Pointeker
Bonno Van Doorn
Claudia Doms
Diederick Overbeke
Emily Kocken
Erwin Thomasse
Eugen Georg
Fiona Weir
Frank Koolen
Hans Wilschut
Heleen van der Hoogt
Hester Scheurwater
Ingeborg Kopp
Isolde Woudstra
Jan de Bruin
Jeroen Bosch
Jetske Verhoeven
Joncquil de Vries
Judith Vogt
Kim Dijkstra
Konstantinos Koutsospyros
Kristin Reger
Marcel Swint
Marco Bakker
Matthias Tharang
Nadine Hottenrott
Niels Post
Olaf Mooij
Pantelis Makkas
Risk Hazekamp
Roeland Beijderwellen
Sander Reijgers
Satijn Panyigay
Siarhei Tserasiuk
Sohrab Bayat
Tatjana Macic
Villeroy & Boch
Yasser Ballemans

How to get to Foundation B.a.d.

By car:
From the Hague/Amsterdam (From the motorway A13 direction Rotterdam). Near Rotterdam keep right, take the turning ‘Ring Rotterdam West’. Keep left, take turning Centrum. At the 2nd traffic light turn right (direction Euromast/Maastunnel). Straight on, past the Euromast, enter the Maastunnel. Out of the tunnel keep on left (direction Oud-Charlois). At the traffic light turn right. Follow the Dorpsweg, at the 4th traffic ligth turn right (Fuutstraat). After aprox. 200 meters turn left (Talingstraat). Talingstraat 5 is the building on your right.

From Breda (From de motorway A16 direction Rotterdam). Near Rotterdam take the turning ‘Ring Rotterdam Zuid/Europoort’. Drive past turning Zuidplein, take turning Rotterdam Charlois. Keep on right, at the 1st traffic light turn to the right (Groene Kruisweg, direction Charlois). At the 4th traffic light, turn left (Fuutstraat). After aprox. 200 meters turn left (Talingstraat). Talingstraat 5 is the building at your right.

By Train:
At the Cental Station, take the metro (it is one way only). You’ll need three ‘strips’ from your strippenkaart. Get out at station ‘Maashaven’. Outside the metro station, take tram 2, direction ‘Charlois’. Get out at tram stop Van Blommesteijnweg. Cross the tram line and the water, turn into the ‘Arendsweg’. Take the first street at your right (Talingstraat). Talingstraat 5 is the building at your right.

By Bike:
From the center this is a 15 minutes ride. In the center, look for bicycle sign posts direction Zuid or Brielle. These will lead you through the Maastunnel. At the other end of the river, drive to the ‘big’ road, cross and turn left – the way goes a little bit up and you can admire the garbage burning factory. At the little park on your right, turn right, and right again and drive to the road where the tram rides. Drive straight on, next to the tram tracks (Boergoensevliet), you’ll see water at you left hand. 500 meters further you can cross the tram and water (Arendsweg). On your right hand is a big building (ours). Drive till the next corner and turn right.

For more information please write to:

and check
www.deaddarlings.nl and www.dezwarteruyter.net for updates!

We look forward to seeing
you at the auction!

Dead Darlings & De Zwarte Ruyter

Opening BookCase

Iris Hond @ Opening of BookCase

BookCase is a bookstore in Rotterdam for artist books, publications, editions, magazines * involving every possible mode of production and in the field of art, design, prose and poetry.* Which are published by the artist without a publisher.

Next to this we will present publications of small art book publishers driven by heart and empathy for aesthetically and well made books.

Book Case likes to be a centre and service for individual and institutional collectors, artists, book enthusiasts, the bibliographically curious and last but not least a place of inspiration for you and me. Therefore we are integrated in an open exhibition and project space, where exhibitions, workshops, lectures, film events and discussions are taking place as well.

Our aim is not only to be a bookstore where you can bring books to sell and find books to buy, but also to manifest the importance of a place with an independent view.

Telephone: +31 (0)6 811 49 471 | Mail: judith@dezwarteruyter.net