Launch of Fanzine//

December 18 at 7pm
by Yasmine Tashk

An evening about Mind Trips with a live performance by Sötbox


KSAT is originally a french fanzine created by Yasmine Tashk based on the idea of collaboration and interaction between different artists using different medium to create around a same theme.

The third issue of the zine is about letting yourself travel in artists’ mind trips and pursue your own while getting inspired by theirs. The zine is based in Paris, France but it is a reunion of artists from many various countries apart from France such as Sweden, the Netherlands, Denmark, USA, Canada and Australia.

The evening will be about entering these mind trips and interacting and sharing yours.

This is the launch party of the 3rd issue where you could get one of the limited edition of the zine. The artists will exhibit their work, the swedish band Sötbox will perform a video/music performance and you will also have the opportunity to interact and fill up « non sense » book with your own contributions, thoughts and mind trips.

You are all welcome to join the journey and let the unusual side of your personality live freely during the evening.

When it’s a battle to try to step out of the way, none wants to be normal. So let’s not be.

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