Open Silkscreen Workshop

December 13 to december 23 2010, daily from 10am-6pm
// a collaboration of DZR & Mesh Print Club Rotterdam

For a period of ten days Mesh Print Club and De Zwarte Ruyter will fix up an pop-up silkscreen workshop at the Van der Takstraat in Rotterdam. Individuals as well as initiatives are invited to multiply their designs, work on some posters or print a stack of t-shirts while having a tête-à-tête throughout the process.

The workshop is open (and for free!) to anybody who is in the need of doing instead of complaining, anybody who wants to get loose on the smell of ink and anybody that wants to burn some wood during the dark days.

We have 400 kg of 400g thick ivory white paper/cardboard to print on. Ink is available for the material costs.

You never silkscreened before?

What the Fuck … How the silkscreen
tutorials on textile, paper and wood printing.

Monday 13 December (not set yet)
Wednesday 15 December, 11am -1pm
Sunday 19 December, 11am-1pm
Monday 20 December, 1pm-3pm

DZR & MPC will give some tutorials during SCREEN LOVER, which will consist of 2 hrs hardcore theory on silkscreening, afterwards you can use everything and start working. The costs for the workshop are 10€ p.p. including paper to print on.

Please make a reservation by mail to if you would like to participate.

December 23rd – A celebration of prints

Exhibition, display and wholesale from 11am-6pm

For more info please mail us or check the BLOG.

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