Dates Silkscreen Tutorials

We are happy to announce the dates of the tutorials

//What the Fuck…. How the silkscreen?!

Monday 13 December (not set yet)
Wednesday 15 December, 11am -1pm
Sunday 19 December, 11am-1pm
Monday 20 December, 1pm-3pm

DZR & MPC will give some tutorials during SCREEN LOVER, which will consist of 2 hrs hardcore theory on silkscreening, afterwards you can use everything and start working. The costs for the workshop are 10€ p.p. including paper to print on.

Please make a reservation by mail to
if you would like to participate.

What you have to bring yourself:

Your handmade drawing or printed work (copyshop) on transfer (’transparant’) paper.

To burn your Artwork on the screen you have to work black and white only! For every colour you want to use you have to make a different sheet. Maximum format you can silkscreen is 50×70 cm; everything between that margin is fine.
Here a handy link on how to prepare the print you want to make: (Read: 2.Preparing Your Artwork)

Black water resistant marker, in case you have to change some details or to make some corrections on the transfer sheet.

DZR offers 400g thick ivory white paper to print on for free; of course you can also bring some other paper to print on.


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