BookCase @ SingerSweatShop


The SingerSweatShop will be turned into a temporary shop with all kinds of small artworks, books, magazines, screenprints, bags and lots more. In our shop you’ll find artworks and products by: Animal Rescue, Ansjel van Bellen, Bfree, Bitches in Control, BookCase, Charlotte Wooning, DutchDolls, Ephameron, Erosie, Gijs Kast, Grieen, Gwenst, Hanazuki, Ingrid de Lugt, Meggie, Mikosa, MissBonBon, Maoma, Ready2Rumbl, Remona Poortman, Superelectric, Susan Bijl and many more.

Friday 18.12.09 from 16:00 till 21:00
Saturday 19.12.09 from 12:00 till 18:00
Friday there will be hot soup and Saturday cake & cookies by Augusta Wind

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