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Tonight: Goodnight Rotterdam with Avi Krispin

For In Discretion, Avi Krispin has shown new video and photography works that touch on the theme of comical fetish behavior, anonymous meetings and prearranged perverse rituals. In line with these works, De Zwarte Ruyter has functioned as a set, where visitors had the opportunity to participate in a new video project.

During this Goodnight Rotterdam Krispin will present this new video project and also a hand of other videoworks. Be welcome!

The initiative for the Goodnightfilm has arisen by a broad and major interest in the genre Cult. Proposing an alternating and a wide ranging choice of movienights to explore the big question: What is the definition of Cult?

More information on: http://nextpagecultvideotheek.blogspot.com/ http://www.nextpage.nu/ http://www.avikrispin.net/