James Jankowiak

March 26 till April 4 2010

Opening Friday 26 March, 18:30

De Zwarte Ruyter proudly presents, all the way from the south side of Chicago, an exhibition by James Jankowiak. Within the coming week Jankowiak will produce a site specific installation based on materials like masking tape, paper, mirrors and autonomous paintings. The completed piece will draw and cajole the visitor into an overall environment, made up out of striking color-fields and evolving lines, that surfaces on his paintings.

The work of James Jankowiak (1969) revolves around the idea of mutation through replication. Each work begins with a simple, meaningful mark that repeats and morphs into a resolved work. In comparison to Jankowiak’s work lies the science of paleontology: just as they carefully scratch away at stone to get to that prized life remnant Jankowiak replaces the stone taken away with the rendering of multiple lines, either painted or installed, leading to the manifestation of an exuberant, “living” form that reflects on the evolutionary process itself. In fact the color palette Jankowiak uses is always meant to catch the eye, it’s intentionally loud, the point is to encourage awe and excitement, give you the “wow” of discovery.

James Jankowiak will be working in De Zwarte Ruyter from the 22nd of March until the opening on Friday the 26th of March from 6:30 pm. The exhibition will last until the 4th of April 2010.

For additional information please contact De Zwarte Ruyter.

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