Human Billboards

April 10 till April 17 2010

Opening Saturday 10 April 2010, 20:00 – Check Trendbeheer for building up pictures!

De Zwarte Ruyter is thrilled to announce a book launch and billboard presentation by Jacco Kranenburg.

On auction site eBay, there are regular auctions of people who offer themselves as advertising medium. For over two years, graphic designer Jacco Kranenburg purchased as many of these human billboards as possible to advertise his design studio ‘Roomservice’.

These human billboards were asked to provide a series of photographs as proof of active advertising. Some of the most fascinating transactions are presented in the first issue of Roomservice Magazine #1 HUMAN BILLBOARDS, the first part of a series on real life transactions. Issue #1 will be launched alongside a presentation of extracts of the magazine.

The evening will start with an introduction by Constant Dullaart and end with a disco by Roberto Auser, Edgar Nevermoo and Ian Martin.

For additional information please contact De Zwarte Ruyter.

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