Tag archieven: Open Call


Most artists strive to make a perfect artwork, something that they think is the best artwork they have ever made or that ever has been made by any dead or living artist, an artwork they want to let the whole world know about, something that says it all, a milestone in their career, a-once-in-a-lifetime creation; A Masterpiece!

But then time passes by and they realize that the masterpiece ain’t that master at all or M-MAYBE it just ends up somewhere in a corner, gathering dust, to be forgotten for what reason whatsoever and never gets to be seen by anyone or anything.

If you have such a forgotten masterpiece lying around somewhere in your studio, at home or GOD knows where, here is your chance to finally show it to the world…


To submit please send us a PDF or a high resolution JPG to dd@dezwarteruyter.net with the following information:

– Title
– Medium & Dimensions
– Year of making
– Starting price
– Description text

Rules & guidelines:

– One submission per artist.
– Starting prices below €50,-
– 25% of the final selling price will go to expenses.
– Deadline for submissions is 14th January, 2010

For more information please write to: dd@dezwarteruyter.net or check www.deaddarlings.nl
and www.dezwarteruyter.net for updates!

We look forward to seeing your Dead Darlings!

Dead Darlings & De Zwarte Ruyter